Meats & Mains

Craving hearty, protein-packed dishes that don’t compromise on flavor or health? Let’s create meals that nourish your body and delight your soul.

My collection of recipes here at The Sweet, Simple Things is designed to help you hit your protein goals without sacrificing taste or well-being. We champion wholesome, nutritious dishes featuring lean cuts whenever possible, but let’s be honest – sometimes life calls for an indulgent treat. That’s why we also sprinkle in some flavorful favorites that balance things out, keeping your meals exciting and your taste buds happy.

Grill Recipes (Traeger & Blackstone)

Because smoke is the spice of life, as I always say.


Nutrient-rich and delicious, these recipes focus on lean cuts of beef with some more indulgent recipes thrown in.


Tender, lean, slightly sweet, and absolutely delicious! Bison is one of my specialties, and you’re sure to love these farm-fresh recipes.

Chicken & Poultry

Lots of family favorites in this collection of healthy poultry recipes!


Pasture-raised pork is absolutely delicious! Full of flavor, lower in fat, it’s a great choice for your meal plan.


These quick and easy seafood recipes are healthy and delicious.


These high-protein, nutrient-dense breakfasts are the perfect way to start your day.

Healthy Comfort Meal Remakes

These delicious remakes of indulgent classics will make it easy to indulge without derailing your fitness journey. Enjoy!