How to Make the Perfect Ninja Creami Protein Base Recipe

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Tired of protein ice cream that is bland, icy, and just plain terrible? You’ve come to the right place! Learn how to make any flavor of protein ice cream that suits your fancy by perfecting your no-fail Ninja Creami Protein Base Recipe using my 100% free Ninja Creami Guidebook.

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I have spent a lot of time and money on failed ice cream experiments and learned a lot along the way. I put together a completely free Ninja Creami Guidebook that teaches you how to make the perfect base recipe that you can customize with your own flavorings.

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Essential Components

The full guidebook goes much more in-depth into each component, what options you have, and how to balance them. But to give you a sneak peak, here is a break down of those essential components:


If you’re making protein ice cream, it’s probably quite obvious that protein is important!

However, it serves a bigger purpose than just adding more protein to our diet–did you know that when making healthier ice cream that is low fat and/or low sugar, protein is what contributes to creaminess?

That’s right! Without fat or sugar to make a creamy dessert, protein can accomplish that purpose. So it’s essential to make sure you’re using the right amount of it and a quality type.


Ice creams need a stabilizer to make it creamy and thick, otherwise you will have an icy, unpleasant texture.

There are many options you can use for a good stabilizer, and the free guide goes into depth for several options and tells you how much to use of each.

Most of my Ninja Creami recipes here on the blog use cottage cheese as a stabilizer, but rest assurred–if you hate those little curds, there are many other options to use instead!


Most often, we think of ice cream liquid being heavy cream or whole milk, but it doesn’t have to be! You can use a variety of liquids successfully in your Ninja Creami recipes as long as the balance of your other essential components are adequate.

My personal favorites are skim milk (especially Fairlife brand for the extra protein) and unsweetened coconut milk. Learn what other kinds of liquids work well and which to avoid in the full guide.


Ice cream needs something to sweeten it up. Even if your ingredients have sweeteners in them, they may not be enough once diluted with the other ingredients. Not to mention that sweetness dulls in the freezer.

You almost always need to make your creami base liquid a little bit sweeter than you think you do so that after it is frozen, it still tastes good. The guide shares all kinds of sweetener options besides just regular sugar, including calorie-free options and unrefined natural options.

My personal favorite is allulose because it behaves and tastes the closest to sugar over any other sugar sub out there. It’s also a natural sugar molecule found in many whole foods.


Finally, you need some additional flavorings to spin your Ninja Creami Protein Ice Cream Base in the direction that you want to go. This can include things like extracts, emulsions, powders, syrups, and more. The guidebook gives tons of ideas & options!

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Having Trouble With Your Machine?

If you’re having trouble with your Ninja Creami Ice Cream maker, check out my Ninja Creami troubleshooting guide.

Alternatively, check out Ninja’s Customer Service webpage.

Every Season is Ice Cream Season!

Any time of year is a good time to enjoy healthy protein ice cream desserts. Check out my favorite recipes below:

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