Healthy Eating Resources

Here you can find my most helpful resources broken down by category. Whether you want information on sourdough baking, Ninja Creami creations, healthy living, or kid-friendly recipes, this page can help guide you in the right direction.

Whole Wheat Sourdough Resources

Get my completely free 100% whole wheat sourdough bread troubleshooting guide here.

Visit my bread recipes page to see all of my sourdough recipes.

Ninja Creami Resources

Ninja Creami Recipe Creation

Want to know what essential components are needed to make successful protein ice cream? Check out my free Ninja Creami recipe creation eBook.

For recipes, visit my Ninja Creami Protein Ice Creams page.


Having issues with your Ninja Creami machine? My Ninja Creami Troubleshooting guide can help diagnose common issues and help you find solutions.

Feeding Healthy Families

Leading your whole family on a healthy lifestyle change can be overwhelming at first, but it’s doable and so rewarding!

Join my Feeding Healthy Families Facebook Group for more recipes, ideas, tips, and tricks from others. Be part of a free & supportive community that wants the best for their families’ health. Hope to see you there!

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