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5 Family Budgeting Tips – Making The Most Of Your Paychecks

These 5 Family Budgeting tips will help you budget for the things that are most important to you. Hopefully you can find savings in other areas to offset those costs. The word budget has a bad reputation. Many people think having to be on a budget means you’re broke. However, the opposite is usually true–broke …

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5 Dinners 1 Hour Review – The Easiest Meal Planning You’ll Ever Do

This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase after clicking one of my links. All opinions are my own. When my family and I decided to become debt free, one of the most challenging parts of this journey was food. We were …

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How To Meal Plan – Making The Most Of Your Monthly Grocery Budget

Have you been wondering how to meal plan and if it will help you make the most of your monthly grocery budget? Almost everyone saves money with meal planning, and here is why! Having a plan helps keep you out of restaurants, which can be twice as expensive as eating at home. It reduces food …

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The Best Ways To Save Money Fast – Reach Your Financial Goals ASAP!

Once you decide enough is enough and you want to take control of your financial situation, most people start with a savings goal. Maybe you have experienced some stress from not being able to predict the amount of money you would have left in your account after paying bills. If that is you, here are …

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How To Pay Off Student Loans Fast – Part One

This is part one of my How To Pay Off Student Loans Fast series. See part two here. Student loans…UGH. These were the bane of my existence for 7 years. I graduated in 2007 from a private Christian university with 36k in student loan debt. Considering it was a private school, I didn’t even end up …

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Easy Plants For Window Boxes – Beautiful & Low Key

One of my favorite landscaping projects we have done on our current home is installing a large window box on the front of our house. Every year I have tried different ways to make the window box look beautiful, and we have discovered it’s not always as easy as it seems! Finding an arrangement of …

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How To Shop Less – Frugal Living Without Sacrifice

Do you find yourself spending money you don’t have, using shopping as a way to make yourself feel better, or constantly going over budget in certain areas? Many people wonder how to shop less without taking away all of their fun, and they hope to see a big difference in their spending patterns. As my …

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My Family’s Journey To Financial Freedom!

Hey everyone! My name is Holly and I’m so excited you are here. I am a middle school teacher (part-time) and in addition to blogging here at The Sweet, Simple Things, I also manage a cloth diaper blog called Rocking the Cloth. I live in Minnesota with my husband, Joe, my kids, Sam & Eli, and our …