Editorial Content Policy

Welcome to the Editorial Content Policy for the Sweet, Simple Things! My name is Holly Lee, and I am the writer and recipe creator for this website. Visit my About Page to learn more about me.

Here at the Sweet, Simple Things, I share recipes that my family and I love. If we do not love the recipe, it will not be posted. I take quality very seriously, and I only share recipes that I want to make again and again because they’re just that good.

I write my recipes with the health-conscious home cook in mind, meaning I do my best to utilize simple cooking methods with an emphasis on whole, natural foods. That may mean that I substitute ingredients and methods from what a recipe would traditionally use because the recipe substitution better serves my readers.

All content is written and edited by me, Holly Lee, except for the occasional guest post. Any guest post will have the author displayed in the author by-line and introduced in the first paragraph.

All content is researched thoroughly to the best of my ability with expert sources cited through text links as needed. It is my goal to only give factual information, and if you notice any errors I wholeheartedly welcome critique. Visit my contact page to reach out to me.

I do not use AI to write my posts, nor do I use it to create my recipes. Occasionally, AI may be used to help me with editing, but the heart and soul of every post is written by me. I take my own photography, and you can be assured that the photos I post are real photos of my recipes after I have made them.

I do not do many brand sponsorships, but occasionally I may enter in a partnership with a like-minded brand. When I accept sponsorship opportunities, any associated posts will be clearly labeled as such, and you can be assured that I do not accept offers from any brands I did not first love on my own. If I mention a brand, sponsored or not, you can be sure that my feelings for that brand are real and true. I take this very seriously.

My goal is that the Sweet, Simple Things will become a go-to recipe collection for your family. I hope you have as much fun making my recipes as I do, and most of all, I hope you reach out with any comments, questions, or concerns. I would love to hear how you are enjoying my recipes and how they are supporting you on your journey.