Winter Kale Salad

This winter kale salad is perfect for the holidays. With seasonal kale, arugula, apples, and pomegranate, this salad is refreshing and festive all in one!

To make this gorgeous salad, combine the ingredients listed in the photo above.

1. Gather Ingredients

Combine apple cider, ACV, evoo, maple syrup, dijon, cinnamon, and salt & pepper into a mason jar. Shake to mix.

2. Make Dressing

Add chopped kale to a small bowl with a little of the dressing. Massage to soften and tenderize.

3. Massage Kale

Add the kale to a platter with the arugula and red onion. Use tongs to toss to mix.

4. Assemble Salad Base

Chop the apple and add a little lemon juice to prevent browning. Add the apple pieces to the top of the salad, followed by pomegranate and gorgonzola.

5. Add Toppings

Add the rest of your apple cider vinaigrette dressing to the salad. Toss lightly to distribute the dressing. Serve and enjoy!

6. Add Dressing