Smoked Easter Ham with Pineapple Cherry Glaze

This bright, springy smoked ham is the perfect Easter dinner! Juicy, sweet, and made with wholesome ingredients, everyone will love it!

You need a 6-8 lb boneless ham, a whole pineapple, a cup of fresh or frozen cherries, honey, a lime, some pineapple juice, mustard, & cinnamon.

1. Gather Ingredients

Cut a diamond pattern into one side of the ham. Put the ham cut side down in a pan lined with foil and pour pineapple juice around it. Smoke at 225°F for 2 hours.

2. Prep & Smoke Ham

Core & slice your pineapple into half-moon shapes. Put in a container and refrigerate until the ham is done smoking.

3. Cut Pineapple

Add juice, cherries, mustard, honey, cinnamon, and zest & juice from one lime. Cook until the glaze reduces by at least half into a sweet, sticky mixture.

4. Cook Glaze

Remove ham from the grill and surround it with the cut pineapple. Pour the glaze over top. Return to the Traeger and turn heat up to 350° until ham reaches internal temp of 145°F.

5. Glaze Ham & Roast

Let the ham rest 20 minutes, then slice for serving. Everyone is going to love this beautifully sweet & fruity ham!

6. Rest & Slice

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