Ninja Creami  Cookies and Cream  Protein Ice Cream

A sugar-free oreo flavored ice cream that can help you hit your protein targets!

1. Gather Ingredients

There are several specific ingredients I recommend for best results to make this creami ice cream flavorful while still being high protein and low calorie. Visit the recipe to see the list!

2. Weigh & Measure Ingredients

Add protein powder, cottage cheese, vanilla paste, cookie dough flavoring, allulose, and milk to the pint container.

3. Blend

Use an immersion blender to blend all ingredients together until smooth. If you don't have an immersion blender, use a small whisk.

4. Freeze

Freeze the ice cream mixture for at least 24 hours. Make sure it's on a level surface--you want it to freeze evenly to protect your machine when it spins.

5. Spin

After your mixture is frozen, insert your pint container into your machine per the instructions for your model. Spin on "Lite Ice Cream."

6. Add Mix-Ins

Use a knife to dig a well into the middle of your ice cream. Break your Highkey Sandwich cookies into halves and press them into the well.

7. Do a Mix-In Cycle

You will spin your ice cream one more time on the Mix-In cycle. This will disperse your cookies throughout the pint of ice cream. Enjoy!

Get the Full Recipe

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