Ninja Creami Coconut Ice Cream

This creamy, high-protein, and healthy coconut ice cream recipe is absolutely delicious! It's sure to become a favorite you keep stocked in your freezer.

To make this healthy & delicious ice cream, you need vanilla protein powder, cottage cheese, coconut milk, vanilla bean paste, coconut extract, and allulose (or other sweetener).

1. Gather Ingredients

Add all of your ingredients to a Creami pint container. Blend together with an immersion blender until smooth.

2. Blend Ingredients

Freeze your blended container on a flat surface in your freezer for at least 24 hours. Freezing without the lid can sometimes help lessen the hump that forms on top.

3. Freeze

Install your pint container into your Ninja Creami machine. Press "Lite Ice Cream." Check the texture after the spin completes--do one Re-spin cycle if needed.

4. Spin

Time to dig in! This goes great with chocolate chips, graham crackers, or flaked coconut. Also try mixing it with a dark chocolate flavor to replicate a Mounds Bar!

5. Eat!