Kodiak Cakes Waffle Recipe

Make your Kodiak waffle mix even higher protein with this recipe! This is a super hearty and filling breakfast with great macros.

To make this high-protein Belgian waffle, you need the Kodiak Cakes Flapjack mix, greek yogurt, protein powder, Fairlife milk, and cinnamon.

1. Gather Ingredients

Plug in your waffle iron and preheat it to medium. Once it is preheated, liberally spray your waffle iron plates with cooking spray.

2. Prep Waffle Iron

Add your waffle mix, yogurt, milk, protein powder, and cinnamon to a mixing bowl. Stir until it's all smoothly combined together.

3. Mix the Batter

Pour half of the waffle batter into the Belgian waffle maker (or use the appropriate amount for your size waffle maker). Cook for 5-6 minutes.

4. Pour Batter & Cook

Once the steam from your waffle dissipates, it should be cooked enough to remove from the waffle iron. Carefully remove your waffle and enjoy!

5. Remove Waffle

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