Ginger Mocktail

This sparkling ginger mocktail with cranberry and lime is the perfect holiday mocktail recipe!

To make this deliciously relaxing mocktail, gather ginger beer, cranberry juice, club soda, lime, rosemary, and a Recess Mood drink packet.

1. Gather Ingredients

Over a half cup of ice, pour your small can of ginger beer followed by the cranberry juice.

2. Combine Ginger Beer & Juice

Squeeze the lime into your drink glass. Top up your drink with a couple tablespoons of club soda.

3. Squeeze Lime

Roll a sprig of rosemary in your hands to release the oils. Use the rosemary to stir your drink to infuse the delicious herby flavor.

4. Add Rosemary

Add the adaptogen blend drink powder to your mocktail if desired. This is optional and can be skipped.

5. Add Optional Drink Powder

This is the perfect mocktail to sip on Christmas or New Year's Eve. It's tasty and festive without the unpleasant side effects of alcohol.

6. Enjoy!