Easy Crockpot Candy  Christmas Crack

The easy crockpot Christmas crack is rich, decadent, and full of tons of flavors and textures!

To make this addicting Christmas crockpot Christmas candy, you need coconut, dried cherries, pecans, Stroopwafels, pretzels, dark chocolate, & almond bark.

1. Gather Ingredients

Chop the stroopwafels and pretzels into small pieces, about the size of your thumbnail. Measure out the rest of your ingredients & set aside.

2. Prep Ingredients

Add everything to a crockpot. Put on the lid and turn it on to high heat. Stir every 5-10 minutes to prevent burning.

3. Add Ingredients to Crockpot

Once everything is melted, scoop out each cluster onto wax paper. Top with your favorite topping like sea salt, sprinkles, toffee bits, or crushed candy canes.

4. Scoop & Add Toppings

These clusters will need several hours to be completely set. Once they are hard, serve or store in an airtight container.

5. Let Set & Store

These delicious clusters are sweet, tart, chewy, crunchy, salty... but most of all, delicious. They're a great addition to your cookie plates this holiday season.